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Created to help you get the most out of your Canva designs, by using these templates, your designs will be print ready, either download as a PNG or PDF and send straight to your printer for a proffesional looking product each and everytime.



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Long Tailed Tit

Watercolour and Ink Painting


The Blue Explorer

Watercolour, Gauche and Ink Painting


The Cat Clowder

Watercolour and Ink Painting


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Whether you’re looking for a new art print or painting to hang in your living room space, or perhaps a gift for Christmas, a gift for a newborn, or even gifts for couples, there is somehting for everyone in my art shop.

Alex Sykes

Illustrator in Bath

Self-taught illustrator and graphic designer in Bath, offering prints and original artwork pieces.
Specialising in watercolour and ink based artwork, Alex also enjoys recreating a beloved family pet in his style, bringing their quirks and personality to full coloured reality.

Alex moved to Bath in the pursuit of a degree in Fashion Design Ba(Hons) however his sights soon turned to continuing to grow and develop his own style in his real passion of illustration.



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This isn’t the blog post you’re looking for…

This isn’t the blog post you’re looking for…

What Can I offer You?...So, I’m a commission based illustrator, essentially I produce work that is bespoke, personalised and for more or less any occasion. I do have artwork to sell that I have turned into prints, printed on great quality paper. But my real great...

Okay, Let’s Try This Again Shall We?

Okay, Let’s Try This Again Shall We?

Okay folks, I have done it again, I have created a new website, for what feels like the millionth time, I think a huge part of that is (And I’m sure other creatives will agree) I get a really clear vision in my head of exactly what I want and how I want something to look, and if I can’t achieve that, then I’m just going to switch off and say night night to the whole idea.


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