Okay, Let’s Try This Again…

Okay folks, I have done it again, I have created a new website, for what feels like the millionth time, I think a huge part of that is (And I’m sure other creatives will agree) I get a really clear vision in my head of exactly what I want and how I want something to look, and if I can’t achieve that, then I’m just going to switch off and say night night to the whole idea.
So, as we are halfway through the year already, why not start a resolution now right? okay, here goes….


I, Alex do pledge to actually start and finish a website to a standard that is totally acceptable and functionable, and though it may not be perfect it doith the job in hand…ith?

How was that? Do the trick? Who know, but what I do know is I am actually pretty pleased with what I have created, and I am hoping that with this platform I am able to reach a whole new audience and share my artwork through a whole new platform!



So if you have landed on this, and you’re currently wondering what on earth you’ve stumbled on, welcome to my brain folks! It’s a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas (Nobody said it had to make sense!)

So welcome! HELLO! Bonjour! Ciao! (That’s sadly all I know at the moment!)

I actually wanted to post this crazy introduction to me and my brain, so that A) you all know what to expect and B) To reach out to other bonkers creatives who perhaps don’t quite know whether this level of crazy in an artist is normal?! I know I did for the longest time, I think its an easy trap to fall into, particularly when you aren’t around other creatives, I know that when I was at university I never really had those doubts but once I moved away from uni life I started to feel slightly separated from the wonderful creative colourful community I once was a part of.
So, my lovely creative friends, YES it is utterly butterly a normal way to be feeling, but thanks to the world wide webbery we are able to connect and communicate amongst ourselves! (Horahh!!)

What Can You Expect?

Okay, so by now I think you will have guessed, there’s a sense of humour lurking in the old noggin, but there is also a big work ethic and a drive to constantly develop and grow my style and brand.

Currently, I mostly work in watercolour with ink pen, I find the freedom and lack of entire control over watercolour to be really liberating, also I tend to find that the opaque layers are interesting to me, almost like looking through an x-ray of the artwork! – That’s not to say watercolour is forgiving, it can be a cruel and unfeeling mistress when it’s not handled with the utmost love and care and above all – patience!


46 Sheridan Road
Bath, Somerset, BA2 1QY, UK
07548 366 899

Open Hours

Monday – Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Holidays: Closed