What Can I offer You?…

So, I’m a commission based illustrator, essentially I produce work that is bespoke, personalised and for more or less any occasion. I do have artwork to sell that I have turned into prints, printed on great quality paper.

But my real great passion is taking something like a birthday card or a celebration card, using something with a personal touch like a beloved family pet – YES even Dave the fish can be included! And seeing how much that really means to someone, that’s my absolute joy.

More recently I have been taken on to produce work on a commercial basis, creating items for sale, giveaways and even illustrating an e-book cover, this is a whole new world and I will probably touch base on this, advice and tips to share for any new artist on the block who is perhaps looking to take on a commercial contract.


I mostly work with traditional media – what does that mean you ask? – Well, so many artists and illustrators out there use digital media to create absolutely amazing pieces of work, but I tend to use watercolour, ink pens, pencil and acrylics to create my pieces on paper which I then scan through (If I’m working to produce a print or a product print) I love the slight unpredictability of watercolour, the way it is so opaque, allowing me to layer thin coats of paint to create a softer piece of artwork.


When I started using watercolour, I hated it….. Like really hated it…. But I kept seeing beautiful artwork being produced by some super talented artists who have honed their skills, So, I persevered with it, I learned its limits, its boundaries, what was and wasn’t possible, the best papers to use, the best type of brushes (Which by the way I still use a pentel brush pen) and I combined all of this with the skills I had previously honed in using ink pen for my artwork – I loved the amount of detail I could add to a piece of work using my Micron pens in various sizes, I usually tend to work in 5mm for outlining and either 1mm or 0.5mm for the real detail work. And actually I do have a WHSmith’s cheap and cheerful 5mm pen that I often use believe it or not! The nib has started to wear but it gives this super interesting texture to the line work that I just cant get on a pristine hard wearing pen like a Micron.


I am always learning, I think every artist is really, we strive for a sense of perfection but I don’t think we ever really get there ourselves despite what everyone else around us is saying…. Am I right?

I stopped judging my own work to harshly, I often ask the opinion of my peers and friends, family for their thoughts – highly recommend if you’re in a bit of a rut on where your style lays, Not that you have to be confined to any specific sort of style, but I think we all excel in so many different areas.

So, one day, much to my partners absolute distain, I laid all of my artwork over our room – the mission – identify my style, where was my work heading, I was so paper and paint blind I just couldn’t see the wood through the trees! So I asked my partner to look at my work sprawled everywhere and identify keywords of where my work sits.

This was super useful, and I discovered that I am better at creating a cartoon stylised images of animals and pets, along with slightly more detailed penmanship for birds – and so I have worked on building on that. That’s not to say I have completely stopped trying to draw or paint anything else, I’m constantly practicing other areas (HANDS AND FEET ARE THE BAIN OF MY ARTISITC EXISITANCE) But one day I’m sure I will be able to confidently and quickly draw, create and paint those things that I perhaps struggle with.

And Lastly…


To end this mahoosive post, I just want to say to any new artist or illustrator that you will be your own worst critic, but don’t give it up, don’t beat yourself down, keep practicing! You’re a visual creature, and now more than ever we have so many video and image platforms out there for you to see and learn from! And remember…. You’re flipping ace!


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